What if "Storm Surge's" Hit Metro Manila?

Last Saturday, November 8, 2014, we recalled the anniversary of devastating super typhoon “Yolanda” which hits Eastern visayas. Which believe that it killed more than 6,000 people?
Typhoon Yolando also brought “storm surge” is this the first time that happen in our country? Or in  Eastern Visayas?  Is there a possibility that it will happen also in Metro Manila?

On ABS-CBN , Kabayan Special Patrol (KSP) report. thousands of people were killed in an instant,which caused by super “ typhoon Yolanda” on November 8, 2013 which hits eastern leyte and Samar.

It is considered by many expert that the reason of great devastation is the rapid increase of water  from the sea and together with a very strong winds.
Mahar  Lagmay said, Executive director of project NOAH.  On year 1589, The Philippines, has  once experience a “Storm surge” and other succeding Typhoon. Like typhoon Dindo and frank . even Leyte and Samar  experienced it in 1897.

There is also a big possiblity that a Storm surge will hit a narrow coastal areas? And because of this storm surge. Project NOAH has built a storm surges back, which is pertaining into 30 provinces which has the possibility of hitting a storm surge, if such typhoon like super  typhoon yolanda occured? Which include provinces like Samar, Leyte, palawan, Ilo-ilo and it also includes metro Manila, which has a possible of hitting by a 4 meter storm surge?

It is recalled that on September 2011, a storm surge happen in Manila bay, caused by Typhoon Pedring. It also considered the numbers of population in each provinces based on the studies of Project NOAH .
References : ABS


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