A Woman From Negros Claimed That She See Virgin Mary in Her Dream

A woman is being visited by many sick people in a town in Negros Occidental because she can cure various diseases using oil to allegedly appear in his hand.

According to the report by Erwin Nicavera GMA - Bacolod on GMA News TV 's News Now Philippines on Tuesday . it is said that Rhea Gonhoran , just started healing this October after seing Virgin Mary in a dream.

 Gonhoran seemed to heal by the oil to come out of his hand and water from a well that had made him dig somewhat ask of Virgin Mary .

After touching the body of the sick with oil from his hand, she will ask the patient to drink the water from the well, and put the figure of the Virgin Mary in patients .


Lolita is one of them who is vomiting blood for almost a week and  Gonhoran 's healed her

Gonhoran  pointed that she did not charge a fee to her patients .

According to her, last November 2, the statue of the Virgin Mary shed a tear during her rosary along with some residents

However,the Catholic Church does not consideredd it a miracle on he alleged miracles tears of the Virgin Mary .

Statement by Father Felix Pasquin , chairman of the Diocesan Commission on Social Community , requires a thorough investigation into the alleged miracle .

"There is no evidence that the church received , that is not possible miracle, " said Fr. Pasquin .
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