It's Showtime! The Return of Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda has return on the noontime show 'It's showtime.'
The host-comedian came back on last Saturday once taking a brief leave from the said show, citing health problems. At the time, he stressed that this is often undue to any issues along with his co-workers or the organizations, contrary to rumors.

" I actually have been considerably miss you all , my brothers and sisters in 'It 's showtime ' like wise the audiences , " he said shortly once his opening production . Vice Ganda performed the pop hit " Bang Bang" --a joint single from Jessie J , ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

" Im  jealous whereas i am looking at you all. many thanks to all and that they extremely allowed me to rest for a moment, " he added .

For their part, his co-hosts welcome him back. Billy Crawford said:
"if one of us isn't hear in showtime , it appears to us we are in strain , strain like sort of a table . we don't stand properly .... It's definitely a pleasure to have you back here once more."

To that Vice Ganda replied : "You know what i was proven throughout my absence?  ' that It 's showtime , will live and continue without me . but i realized that i cannot live without the show " It's showtime . "

If times comes when i am not here in the show, maybe you will be sad but the show will live! I really do learned to appreciate the program, " he said.

However, the comedian explained that he will be out for a short leave on January to undergo an operation to remove a polyp in his throat. a polyp is a fluid -filled collection that forms when a vocal cord is not rested enough.

" I will undergo to bear a surgery in january . i'll gone for a moment once more, however its only for a moment I cannot last long. he said.
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