Funny Meme's of Senator Miriam Santiago

Various meme’s are circulating in social media , like funny pictures , video , text or idea that shared and posted by netizen's online.

Among the most popular memes that gives joy to the Thor Pinoy netizens memes , John Lloyd memes ,Pnoy memes , Kris Aquino memes ,SantibaƱez Lady memes , Beauty contests memes ,  Napoles memes , Nancy Binay memes and Princess Sarah memes.

But ahead of all, according to ' Ang Pinaka ' GMA News TV on November 9 , is the meme of Senator Miriam Defensor - Santiago .

Besides from being one of the bravest senators , Sen. Miriam is also known from her punchlines , quotes , and pick- up lines, such as " Leaders are not born but are made. You , in conclusion , you can make yourself a leader "

According to the TV host and FM DJ MR . Fu , Miriam became the symbol of  bravery in the Senate , so whenever there is an  issue, always expect to have another Sen. Miriam meme .

For that shes like a ' living meme machine' Sen. Miriam , said by Alwynn Javier , an award - winning writer . "In her speech at the university or in an interview with the media after the hearing , he was always there to make meme’s

Inspite of the popularity of Sen. Miriam memes, does it affect how people look at him and her colleagues in politics?

 Javier said , this affects the popularity of  Senator but cannot tell if pure pretty sure these effects .

"It could affect the popularity of  Miriam, but we can not say whether this will translate into votes or political support because there’s a  meme that can serve beyond the political career  of  Miriam as a character or public figure . "

"Sometimes witty or funny still even though a  serious discussions in the Senate but is she still seroius in her  political opponents ? You may dismiss it as a parody only?

However , irrefutable continued proliferation of Sen. Miriam memes, in conjunction with various other kind of memes , which make Filipinos happy even though  the country's future issues or  problems they face in their lives .
References : GMA


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