Ernesto Mercado Alleged VP Binay of Owning Multiple Condominium Units

 Ernesto Mercado said on tuesday alleged before the Senate blue ribbon commission that presumptive presidential candidate, vice president Jejomar Binay, was given units in 60 to 70 % of condominium buildings within the town in exchange for quicker process of permits, tax relief and different privileges for the developers.

However, Mercado, the most whistle blower against Binay over the past many hearings, given alleged proof of Binay's possession of units in mere six condominium units. He conjointly named the previous Makati mayor's alleged dummies in owning the items of property.

Mercado said that once developers applied for building permits, they were told that the analysis of, for instance, a 45-storey condominium would take a minimum of 3 months because the engineer who would do it solely works from eight am to five pm.

“But if given an overtime fee, they work it quick. currently that developer wouldn't provide an overtime? which will provide a replacement on waiting three months , so there is now a deal in building permit, said by Mercado.

He said once the developers secured an occupancy allow for the assessment for realty tax to be paid, another deal would be struck.

"Of course the owner can haggle, saying maybe a year can be adjust in the occupancy permit . A year that taxes will be stolen again . Why not you give a condominium unit if you're saving to P40 million a year  in adjust on payment of taxes , "he said.

"a condo of 1 or 2 units with quantity to P30 million was humble to provide to him. that’s the explanation why vice president is secret throughout his tenure . perhaps not just about perhaps 60 percent , " Mercado added .

He said the Binays used dummies so as to cover their possession of the condominium units.

He said Binay features a 150-square meter unit within the Peak Condominium, that is known as beneath Engineer Ariel Olivar who was the surveyor of Hacienda Binay in Rosario, Batangas.

Mercado said Olivar executed a sworn affidavit, that was two-handed to him tuesday morning, stating that he wasn't the real owner of the unit.

“I am not the true and beneficial owner of the property. i'm not the buyer nor have in anytime exercise any act of possession over the property. My name was registered as owner to hide the identity of truth owner of the property. i do know truth owner of the property to be vice president Jejomar Binay,” Olivar same within the affidavit that was read by Mercado.

Olivar was not present throughout the hearing.
Mercado asked the NBI and also the investigator to visualize the unit as somebody was already leasing it.

 "It looks that someone is renting it today . Whom do you suppose is leasing it ? 101 percent Olivar said that he would not sign any lease contract,"he said.

Mercado said  Olivar wished to surface for concern that the Bureau of internal revenue would follow him for owning such a condominium unit.
References : GMA


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